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"Globe Compilation 2000" Globe Records #GLO-802 "On The Main Stem" Globe Records #GLO-021 "Analog Travelog" Globe Records #GLO-013 "Retrogroove Artifact" Globe Records #GLO-006

"Globe Compilation 2000" by Rhythmtown-Jive, The Christmas Jug Band, and more...
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- Gordon Baxter, Blues On Stage , mnblues.com, January, 2000

"Globe Compilation 2000 / Happy New Millennium" serves a double purpose: first it is a single, and second it is a compilation sampler of the Globe Records roster of artists. The title track (and single) features several of the Globe artists on a tune that has a Latin beat, and features the chorus sung in English, and spoken in nine other languages. An edited take of the song opens the CD, but you have to wait until the end to hear the full unexpurgated version.

The sampler features several different musical styles, with something for just about everybody, including a number of tracks from the blues genre. As samplers go, it is pretty good stuff, and there are a couple of bands that merit further investigation. In particular, Rhythmtown Jive, who serve up a honking sax R&B tune called "Jet Stream", and the laid back musings of the Christmas Jug Band (Big Boy Crudup's "That's His Red Wagon" and Frank Loesser's "What Are You Doin' New Year's Eve?") come out ahead of the rest. Joe Goldmark also deserves special mention for doing a pedal(?) steel guitar version of the Beatles "I'm Only Sleeping," whilst most amusing song title goes to "First Bratwurst of Summer" by the Germanic sounding band called Those Darn Accordions!

Overall "Globe Compilation 2000" is something of a musical smorgasbord rather than a blues CD as such. As a sampler it offers a useful insight into what Globe Records are up to. Most of the material sits in fairly safe mainstream territory within its own particular style, so do not expect any exciting new fusions of different styles. Good clean fun, nonetheless.
- Jean-Claude Mondo, Le Monde au Blues, January, 2000: "Vers : "Happy New Millenium" (Globe) (43:22)"

Le titre le dit "Joyeux Millénaire", une collection sortie pour célébrer le passage à l'an 2000 avec des artistes issus du vivier de la baie de San Francisco. Deux versions du Happy New Millenium réunissant des musiciens appartenant aux différents artistes du label Globe. L'une des formations prometteuses de San Francisco, le Rhythmtown Jive, plonge dans le rythme avec "Jet stream!", un titre très rock'n'roll, avec de puissants échanges entre le sax et le piano de l'invité de luxe, Johnnie Johnson. Du zydeco californien pour suivre, "Mamou Two-step" par Gator Beat, avec le piano à bretelles en fusion! Le Christmas Jug Band lui , reprend le "That's his red wagon" d'Arthur Crudup en swing jug!! Dans, ce groupe, des anciiens musiciens de Commander Cody, Dan Hicks et Norton Buffalo, d'ailleurs le leader du Rhythmtown Jive, Tim Eschliman, faisait lui aussi partie de ce groupe légendaire. Folk rock rythmé pour Solid Air et "Little bird", une bien jolie mélodie champêtre avec des voix cristallines rappelant Richard et Linda Thompson. Frank Goldwasser, alias Paris Slim, vient gratter de la slide avec bonheur sur son "Molly's backyard girl". L'atmosphère se fait country, lorsqu'arrive la pedal steel de Joe Goldmark, jouée de manière très créative, sur une mélodie signée Lennon-McCartney, "I'm only sleeping". Vous l'avez deviné, beaucoup de variétés, mais sans doute trop peu de blues à se mettre sous la dent.
- Vicki Wanless, WVMR, Dunmore. WV
"Great music and everything will definately be played."
- Doug Leclair, Any Swing Goes, KPLR, San Diego, CA
"Great Comp!"
- Norman Davis, Midnight Flyer, KEGR, Pinellas Park, FL
"This is fun. Love Susie Davis! Thanks!"
- Vicente Zumel, La Hora Del Blues, Radio PICA, Barcelona, Spain
"They sound fresh, strong, and powerful"
- Josh Gage, WSCL Web Radio, Bronxville, NY
"Would love to hear more of these artists!"
- Walt Gander, WXPR, Rhinelander, WI
"Thanks, we'll use it!! Will play from entire CD!!"

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"On The Main Stem" by Rhythmtown-Jive
Sound Files & Ordering


- Independent Songwriter Web-Magazine, Vol. 2 / Issue 7


Starting out this incredibly solid CD, is "Kidd Jordan's Second Line". It almost feels like Chubby Checker's, "Twist" in the beginning but it evolves into a great party tune that's bouncing with piano licks, sax solos and a foot-stomping rhythm section. Undeniably, a world class dance tune that's sure to leave 'em wanting more! "Take It Easy, Baby": this is the first original tune on the album written by Tim Eschliman (bass player and singer), who lends his lounge tenor to this cut. Rahni Raines adds her great jazz vocal inflections on this tune as well. A great original tune with that feel-good, contagious boogie woogie sound. "Blues Hotel": in a similar vain of Lou Ann Barton's "Te-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu", this one really capture's the spirit of R&B and adds a little attitude for fun. Love it! "Headin' Home": written by Johnnie Johnson and filled with sultry piano licks, this one oozes with sensuality. A sure belly-rubbin' hit. "Mighty Fine Day": the drum work is nothing short of a piece of art! The control, the rhythmic variations, it's all there and it makes for one dynamite sound.

"That Was Then, This Is Now": a blues harmonica lulls us into the back woods of Mississippi. A classic presentation with all the passion and fire and heartbreak that makes the blues so real and so human. A wonderful remake on a great classic. "Jet Stream": a mix of a up-tempo country beat and a boogie woogie playing style. A nice treat. "Johnnie's Idea": this is pure mood music, baby. It takes you into the hot summer nights without mercy and doesn't relent. The bass and the lead guitar work together like Ginger and Fred on the dance floor. The sounds dance around the eardrums, teasing to the point of ecstasy. Oh, keep on playing!....."Twilight Blue": multi-layered piano chords spice up this original. Excellent piano playing. "Somebody Told You" fun. "Slow Drag": another Johnnie Johnson tune that redefines R&B as we know it. Superb rhythmic execution at every turn. Just enough jazz chords to add a vivacious variation. "Boogie Woogie": look out people and stand back. Once people hear this cut, the floor will be packed to full capacity. Energetic and full of "zip", this one's a crowd pleaser.

IN SUMMARY: Rhythmtown-Jive is an extraordinary example of the vast amount of incredible indie talent in the world today. They are very talented musicians with a true sense of the music they play. Their songwriting fits their individual sound and they seem to mesh together so seamlessly. They are truly legends in the making.
-Blues Access, Summer 1998 , #34
(**Catfish Choice) The pianist behind every Chuck Berry song worth its salt, Johnnie Johnson inspires a classy set from this Mill Valley, California, big band with a nice New Orleans feel.
-All Media Guide,
New review from Cub Koda, AMG Expert.
- Mick Skidmore, Relix Magazine, June, 1998
"If you have been craving for some no-nonsense bopping, roots music, On The Main Stem, the third and best album by Rhythmtown-Jive, should be of interest. This eight-piece outfit churns out infectious jump-swing, blues, R&R, soul and much more, all with verve and passion. For seven of the album's dozen cuts, the group is joined by piano legend Johnnie Johnson who adds a great solo to one of the album's most immediately pleasing cuts, 'Take It Easy, Baby.' Other highlights are the swinging New OIreans groove of 'Mighty Fine Day' and the sparser blues of 'That was Then, This is Now' which features some neat harmonica and slide and Tim Eschliman's best vocal. Johnson also contributes several originals, the best of which is the moody texture of 'Johnnies's Idea'."
- May 1998, Southland Blues, "Bay Area Blues Beat," Joseph Jordan © 1998
"BLUES BEAT CD OF THE MONTH: Has just gotta be the new release by Marin County all-stars, Rhythmtown-Jive, entitled, "On The Main Stem," which prominently features their piano pal, Johnnie (Be Good) Johnson."
- Blues Bytes What's New", April, 1998, Bill Mitchell
A big band and lots of horns makes California's Rhythmtown-Jive a fun group to hear. Throw in a guest appearance by piano legend Johnnie Johnson, and you've got another tasty independent album, On The Main Stem (Globe Records). "Johnnie's Idea" is a nice, slow blues featuring Johnson's stellar piano work and some nice T-Bone Walker-style guitar. "Jet Stream" is a real hot instrumental.
- The Critical Review, June, 1998, Armand Canales
This is big music. A ton of musicians deliver a festival of sound. What a surprise! Check this out. From "Kidd Jordan's Second Line" the fine opener, to "Take It Easy, Baby" (5:20) we are treated to an aural party. As I said, this is big music. A wall of many sounds makes for a treat. "Blues Hotel" (4:02), "Headin' Home" (5:28), and "Mighty Fine Day" (5:00) make for dynamic listening. The last tune is an upbeat, hot cut that will please blues and jazz fans. The song "That Was Then, This Is Now" is strong blues. The seventh track is called "Jet Stream" and at 3:48 it shows it is a creative effort. Next comes "Johnnie's Idea" (5:42) a laid back blues tune, with a super piano and a nice blend of instruments. It is a nice long effort, with great soulful horn. "Somebody Told You" (3:52) is a good effort and the female lead vocal is a positive point. The cut "Slow Drag" (5:36) presents an interesting mood. We close with the fiery "Boogie Woogie" (3:29) which makes a good finisher. The album has some impressive playing--hot blues, and more...really an orchestra of blues.'
- Terry Hansen, Sonoma County Independent, June 24, 1998
"Their seasoned brew of R&B has seen two previous releases, but it's this album that will hoist their recognition factor, with the effervescent presence of Chuck Berry's piano-man, Johnnie Johnson, on seven of the 12 cuts. Still, it's very much the Jive's show as Johnson blends seamlessly on original tunes (three by Johnson himself) and well-chosen covers, running the gamut from jump and boogie to straight-ahead blues."
- Springfield News Reader, March 29, 1998
* * * "Rhythmtown-Jive is a loose collection of San Francisco-area rockers and bluesmen. On their third album, they continue a tradition of tasty covers and clever originals. On seven of the dozen tracks they host Johnnie Johnson, known for his piano work on numerous Chuck Berry classics. Johnson weaves in and out of the songs, never overpowering the other players or showing off. There's a nice, funky New Orleans beat to the slippery "Take It Easy," with a laid-back vocal from bassist/producer Tim Eschliman and Rahni Raines. Johnson shows off his prowess on instrumentals like the easygoing "Headin'Home," languid "Johnnie's Idea" - which recalls the few blues pieces he did with Berry - and glides through the strolling "Slow Drag." Eschliman and the band fare nicely without Johnson. They sail through the charging "Mighty Fine Day," "Kidd Jordan's Second Line" and nasty blues of "That Was Then, This Is Now." Johnson's name might help this release in areas where Rhythmtown-Jive have never played, which will benefit both the band and any new fans."
- Maria Bainer, c. March, 1998
"This album is full of delightful surprises. This third CD of Rhythmtown-Jive is one of their best efforts to date. One delight is that keyboard maestro, Johnnie Johnson, performs on seven of the twelve tracks. The energy level of the tunes is varied and great which is a big item for holding one's interest. The band has matured greatly since their first CD.

Having Johnnie Johnson on the album is very exciting. If you recall, Johnnie was the pianist for four decades for Chuck Berry. But before that Johnnie had his own band. Now there's Johnnie with original songs and his own marvelous flow over those keys. Just tune into his creations of 'Headin' Home,' the wonderfully enveloping 'Johnnie's Idea,' and the mesmerizing instrumental, 'Slow Drag,' to hear Johnnie as himself these days. Plus listen to the other four tracks he performs on which includes Pine Top Smith's' Boogie Woogie,' 'Blues Hotel,' Take It Easy, Baby,' and the energized 'Jet Stream.

Yes, there are other dimensions to the CD besides Johnnie. The general selection of songs is diverse and exciting. To go from the fantastic, exuberant New Orleans energy of 'Mighty Fine Day,' to acoustic blues in 'That Was Then, This is Now,' and to focus on some of the energy between is no easy thing to accomplish. Yet this band did it. 'Mighty Fine Day' is a marvelous, euphoric song with New Orleans flair. In contrast, 'That Was Then, This is Now' is a solid acoustic blues with Tim Eschliman at his best with clear vocals, Steve Freund guesting on guitar, and Michael Peloquin on harmonica.

The songs with pianist, Caroline Dahl, guest vocalist, Rahni Raines, guest guitarist. Anthony Paule, other guitarists, and the full New Orleans-style horn section also have their exciting dimensions. 'Kidd Jordan's Second Line' is a cookin' New Orleans song. Dahl shows off her fine keyboard playing as she also does in 'Twilight Blue.' In all the tunes, the pianists, guitarists, and horn section play prominent in-depth solos.

Tim Eschliman plays several leading roles in this album. He is the lead vocalist, often with soft, gentle vocals that sometimes obscure the words. He also wrote or co-wrote six of the twelve tunes, He produced the album and co-engineered it.

Rhythmtown-Jive outdid themselves to produce a top-notch CD. Guest, Johnnie Johnson is a wonderful addition to the album. The group effectively backs Johnnie and presents their own creative and refreshing style. The entertaining varied energy on the album and the high degree of musical talent make this CD very desirable to have."

- Frank Rubolino, Cadence Vol 24 #8, August 1998
"The music on "On the Main Stem" is a combination of vocals and instrumentals designed to show the audience a good time. Bass guitarist and vocalist Tim Eschliman is the ostensible leader of Rhythmtown-Jive, an ensemble of varying proportions that plays a mixture of boogie-woogie, the blues, early rock, and rhythm & blues. The band features, on seven selections, the honky-tonk piano playing of guest artist Johnson whose style fits well with the party mood generated by the group.

Dahl's accordion playing gives "Mighty Fine Day" a Louisiana zydeco musical base. Sudduth on tenor and Early on trombone do some note trading to complement the Mardi Gras mood. The honking, barnyard tenor playing of Sudduth is central to "Jet Stream" as boogie-woogie rhythms prevail. On "That Was Then and This Is Now" Peloquin's harmonica wails behind the singing of Eschliman. The program is typically fast paced although the slow drag crops up occasionally, and one tune is titled with that name. The pieces where Johnson performs have a particularly rocking influence that propels the ensemble into a definite groove. Elsewhere, Dahl's pounding piano tones support a similar mood along with a heavy back beat and the large sounding ensemble. Eschliman is the lead vocalist on most tunes, but Raines takes over those duties on two selections, including "Somebody Told You" with its R&B feel.

Although Rhythmtown-Jive is an amalgamation of many musical styles from the 1940s and 1950s, their common denominator is the blues. The band seems most at home doing this form. It crops up on most tunes as the core element of the compositions. As with the other two recordings in this review, the performance is not designed to be a serious example of musical innovation. It is intended to put you in a happy mood. All three just might do that if their style of playing is your musical niche.

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  • "What a great record and Johnnie is a perfect fit for the band. I've been playing it and will play more in the future." - Holger Petersen, Canadian Broadcasting System; President, Stony Plain Records, Edmonton, ALTA

  • "It's great that big blues is back and this band should step to the front. Pinetop will be proud, give JJ his due" - Duncan Holt, WMHB, Waterville, ME

  • "Enjoyable combo of New Orleans R&B, West Coast swing and slow blues. Johnnie is wonderful. Great band." - Bob Wilson, KDUR, Durango, CO

  • "It'a a great CD & I've been playing it for weeks." - Sully Roddy, "All Kinds Of Country," KYCY, San Francisco, CA

  • "Solid CD, very enjoyable and fits right in with our programming" - Jason Misterka, WXJM, Harrisonburg, PA

  • "Impressive, good groove" - John Roths, KEOS, College Station, TX

  • "Great crossover for airplay on both jazz and blues shows here" - Marty Scarbrough, KASU-FM, Jonesboro, AR

  • "A huge breath of fresh air. Very different and original. Great vocals & instrumentation." - Phil Caudill, KOCV-FM, Midland, TX

  • "I really like this and will play lots of it - thanks!" - Steve Curley, KMCQ, The Dalles, OR

  • "Diversity is greatest asset of this release" - Michael Seely, KUMD, Duluth, MN

  • "Johnnie & Rhythmtown work well together." - Chuck Haddock, "Fish Fry" KCUR, Kansas City, MO

  • "Some great cuts with johnnie Johnson, some of his best with a band" - Harvey Stauffer, WVPE, Elkhart, IN

  • "Yowzah! Hot, hot hot! Great diversity - love Johnnies Johnson's piano licks - whole band kicks blues ass!" - Gary Reinhard, WITR, Buffalo, NY

  • "Excellent album! One of the best new releases here."- David Shear, WSIA, Staten Island, NY

  • "Excellent ensemble playing - it swings!" - Maha Blues, WRTN, Rochelle, NY

  • "Delightful collection of roots music" - Ed Davis, WUSB, Stonybrook, NY

  • "Great upbeat band enhanced by Johnnie's keyboard work." - Laura & Jeff Diamond, KDVS, Davis, CA

  • "Excellent - bluesy & instrumental numbers were the best."- Eddie Seal, KEDT, Corpus Christi, TX

  • "First-rate blues; good Variety" - Mick Martin, KXJZ, Antelope Valley, CA

  • "Damn!!! Nuf' said!" - Chef Eddy, KLSR, Fort Smith, AR

We also have a listing of all DJs that are giving "On The Main Stem" aiplay!

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"Analog Travelog" by Rhythmtown-Jive -
Sound Files & Ordering


- Don Elmore, Scope, Nov 95

"After the first listen you might be tempted to see if any of these songs are Booker T and the MGs covers. Starting with the instrumental 'Magnatone', these guys are so cool they're, well, COOL. A complete set of catchy, jivey, swinging tunes makes up Analog Travelog. The songs gain appeal with each listen because there's a lot going on under the simple musical surface. Sax, trombone, jazzy piano and some fine slide guitar accompany the obvious instruments, with a resulting sound that WILL have your fingers snapping. At times you feel a Little Feat kind of groove, but with urban R&B seasoning instead of the Feat's southern spice. Song titles use the terms funk, groove, and boogie woogie, and they're all here. Don't pass on this one."
- Steve Sarkoivsky, Victory Review
"Comprised of veteran R&B sideman, RJ comes out blazin' on their second release. With a core group and a host of other guest artists, the rockin' and swingin' that these guys lay down is traveling first class. Solid music skills mixed with a variety of musical styles gives this CD some time on your player. Much of the music has a nice groovin 'feel to it, not rushed and true to its origins. Based in roots music, RJs performance of both originals and covers on this CD work well together. Overall a strong performance, somewhat adventurous and mixes their obvious talent with their strong musical interests. Nice project of R&B, swing, funk and house rock blues music."
- Ben "Jacobs", Pacific Sun
"...those Rhythmtown-Jive characters have put together a new CD at Mill Valley's Globe Studios. Taken as a package, this band is a group to be reckoned with, polished sidemen all around. Their Analog Travelog gets right to the point, namely old-school rock 'n' roll, as plain and true to the music's roots as anyone could ask. Jimmy Sanchez covers the drums, Stevie Gurr is on guitar, Steve Lucky holds forth on piano, and Rob Sudduth handles the saxophones. Originals penned by bassist/ring leader Tim Eschliman set the mood even before they start hauling out the special guests. But keep that disc in the player... Meters drummer Ziggy Modeliste takes things way down in a funky New Orleans direction for a couple of tracks, Ed Early lends his touch on trombone, and Audie Delone turns up with just the right organ riff at just the right moment for 'Jump Start Funk,' a very Meters-leaning jam that spontaneously launched itself in the studio. That's where Globe Studios proves itself once again-far from the sterile world of 96-track all-digital monster consoles running at a hundred bucks a minute, we find a cozy little analog room where musicians can get together, play some music, and make themselves a damn good album."
- Maria Bainer, January, 1995
"This American roots combo is comprised of talented San Francisco Bay Area musicians who know how to raise the energy level on the dance floor. They perform forties and fifties-inspired rhythm and blues, some jump blues, a boogie woogie, and a hefty dose of New Orleans style music, with refreshing, not rehashed, arrangements. This is their second CD. The album has several instrumentals as well as vocal numbers, which is a nice contrast. The lead vocalist and producer, Tim Eschliman, wrote five originals on the album, including three with their infectious New Orleans sound. !he group plays many exciting, high-energy tunes with their own flair. Rob Sudduth, the sax player, gets a workout playing rhythm as well as long, melodic solos. The few slower tunes on the album have an interesting, easy, mellow flow to them. There are several guests on the album, including drummer Ziggy Modeliste of the Meters. This album presents the energizing essence of the R&B era of the forties and fifties and the New Orleans sound in an exciting new way. It would be hard to resist dancing on this one."
- Stan Lawson, for the Sonoma County Blues Society, Music for the Military
"...'Analog Travelog'...one of the 22 hottest blues-based albums you'll find anywhere."
- S.E. Lee, iMpulse Music Journal, May 2, 1995
"Long before there were distortion pedals, synthesizers, and kids with nose-rings, there were the pioneers of the rock revolution. No, not The Doors or Zeppelin, or even The Beatles. I'm talking about Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and all the others who took what was then called 'black music' (which we now call rock or R&B) and smacked mainstream America in the face with it. Rhythmtown-Jive is smacking you again. 'Analog Travelog' takes you back to when cars were big, gas was cheap, and Ozzie and Harriet were the model family. Okay, so maybe this type of music will never find its way back in to the Top 40. That doesn't meant that it's no good. This music makes me want to drag myself away from the pool table and out on to the dance floor. And trust me, I don't dance. So, maybe it wouldn't be a pretty sight, but with music like this, I think people would be more indulged in having a good time than laughing at my lame dance moves. 'Analog Travelog' is a great look at the past, but it's by no means just another boring reproduction of the same 'Golden Oldies' you hear beat to death on the radio. The music is fresh, exciting, and well aware of where it came from, but it's not afraid to break the cliched strain of chord progressions and do-wop harmonies. It's almost as if these guys were destined to play together. The vibe I get from listening to 'Analog Travelog' is one that I've heard in only a few acts lately, whether indie or national. It's as if when playing they have one brain and it's concentrated on doing only one thing -- playing damn good music. They're like a five-man-one-man-band -- just give it a listen, and you'll know exactly what I mean. Probably my favorite part of the entire recording is Rob Sudduth's sax work, especially on tunes like 'Jump Start Funk,' which would make someone like Boots Randolph stop and take a listen. The music is fun, exciting, and it defines what was meant when people first started saying that the music 'rocks.' You can't help but have a good time when you listen to this recording, especially when you know the members of Rhythmtown-Jive are having such a good time playing it. You know, they say those who don't know history are damned to repeat it. Well, the members of Rhythmtown-Jive know their history, so they're not repeating it -- they're reviving it."
- Paul Liberatore, Marin Independent Journal
"Marin's Rhythmtown-Jive livens up the local scene once again with its second album, 'Analog Travelog' on Mill Valley's Globe Records. Rhythmtown-Jive takes the jump-swing - New Orleans rock - '40s R&B trend and runs with it on 12 cuts, including seven fine originals and five interestingly obscure covers. Led by bassist Tim Eschliman, this good-humored group of veteran sidemen can play their tails off."
- Bill Kisliuk, Jazz Now, June,1995
"Rhythmtown-Jive, led by bassist and singer Tim Eschliman is yet another of the [San Francisco] Bay Area's thriving, jiving blues and boogie outfits. 'Analog Travelog' mixes a second-line beat to a generally up-tempo set of twelve runes, including pianist Steve Lucky's 'New Groove Unit,' and 'You Better Believe It,' one of two selections from New Orleans's fifties chart-topper Paul Gayten. Guests on board include New Orleanian percussion specialist Ziggy Modeliste and San Francisco veteran keyboardman Kevin Zuffi. Rob Sudduth's husky tenor fits in nicely throughout, and Stevie Gurr's growling guitar is the locomotion behind the instrumental 'Magnatone,' named for the amplifier that creates the distinctive scratchiness therein...."
- The Internet Music Review Service (CDreviews.com)
"Ohhhhhh, bayyyyyyy-beeeeee . . . .
Ike's in the White House, Lucky's in your rolled-up sleeve, Brylcreem keepin' your do doin', babe in the back of your ride and Dick Clark's got no clue where the REAL music is.
But these boys do. See they got the word that it's in Bo Diddley's backbeat and Chuck Berry's guitar bends. And they got theirs from the boys in the smoky clubs making feet move between fights. And it works. Go ahead, big man, keep your Cuban heels still when Jimmy Sanchez starts tapping on "Jump Start Funk". Bet Dobie Gillis just don't get it when Steve Lucky says "she got the money and I got the honey" in "Rich Woman". It's time to Stroll when Rob Sudduth fires up his sax and Steve Gurr pours guitar gas on it in "The Sweeper". Tim Eschliman takes you downtown on slick vocals and bass in "You Better Believe It".
And you better believe it. Believe it or Five Guys Named Mo (what they used to go by) will show you. And you're gonna like it. Ohhhhh, bayyyy-beeeee . . . ."

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"Retrogroove Artifact" A Tribute To The R&B Vinyl Tradition:
by Rhythmtown-Jive

Sound Files & Ordering


- Dan Ouellette, Tower Pulse

"...pays homage to the seminal Rhythm and Blues years in its livewire dance music...upholds the R&B vinyl tradition with its debut..."
- Larry Hollis, Cadence Magazine
"The cover alone is well worth the price. All experienced players thoroughly grounded in the sometimes elusive ways to establish and maintain a smooth groove...has all of the bases covered in the area of good time, jumping rhythm & blues."
- j. poet, The Daily Californian, UC Berkeley
"...the energy and excitement of this here fine Lp, kicks in with the jumpin' jive of 'Down at the Edge of Town' and never lets up."
- Steve Stolder, Bam Magazine, Pleasant Hill, CA
" 'Retrogroove' is quite delightful...shoutin' and honkin' jump-jive...a swingin' affair."
- Blue Shadow, "Blue Notes", Sacramento Blues Society
"...the powerhouse quintet, takes a cruise through New Orleans-flavored r&b, Louis Jordan jump-swing and sensitive ballads with honking sax, clean guitar and tinkling piano, proving that live excitement can be waxed..."

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- Kathleen Lawton, "Crazy 'Bout the Blues", KCSM, San Mateo, CA
"An excellent record...and my favorite shade of purple!"
- Miles Jordan, "Blues People", KCHO, Chico, CA
"Nice Goods!"
- Jazzbeau Collins, KSRO, KCSM, Santa Rosa, San Mateo, CA
"You cats are all right! Yeah, handle yourselves pretty good..."

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